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1 on 1 with authors & producers - directement avec auteurs & producteurs

• feature films - longs-métrages
"As Neves" (2023) Sonia Mendez (in festival competition prior to release)
"Orphée" (2023) Stéphane Riethauser (in development)
"Le Grand Mensonge" (2023) Marie-Catherine Theiler & Olivier Meidinger (in development)
"Atomic Reaction" (2023) Emmanuel Rouglan (in development)
"5-1/2 Love Stories in an Apartment in Vilnius"(2023) Tomas Vengris (Tallinn Black Nights) 
"Quiet Migration" (2023) Malene Choi (premiered as part of Berlinale Panorama)

"Kronos" (2023) Arnaud Kohler (in development)
"Chlorine" (2023) Alvaro Congosto (in financed development)

"The Last Hero" (2022) Žiga Virc (in post-production)
"Secaderos/Tobacco Barns" (2022) Rocío Mesa (San Sebastian)
"Remember To Blink" (to be released) Austeja Urbaite, Fralita Films & Aldabra Films
"Sole" (2019) Carlo Sironi (Venice, European Awards)

"Cleo" (2018) Eva Cools (Belgian Best Screenplay. Rome Film Fest)
"Jean-François and the Meaning of Life" (2018) Sergi Portebella
"Daha" (2018) Onur Saylak (Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, East End Film Festival)
• TV films - unitaires
"Max and Me" (in development) Matti Kinnunen, Vegetarian Films 
• series - séries

"Disaster Unit" (in development) Tarja Kylmä & Paula Mononen 
• documentaries - documentaires
"La Base" (2023) Vadim Dumesh Minck (Cinéma du Réel)
"Hungry, Tipping the Scales" (2023) Susanne Brandstaetter (financed, in pre-production)

"MappaMundi" (2017) Bady Minck (Sundance)

short or long term mentoring ; on first idea or advanced draft ; emotions, structure, characters, dialog...

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